Mojave Desert Ecosystem Program

Mojave Desert Ecosystem Program - Your Geospatial Resource to the Mojave Desert

Your Geospatial Resource to the Mojave Desert

Mission & Partners


The mission of the Mojave Desert Ecosystem Program is to provide government agencies throughout the Mojave Desert with solutions and services to better accomplish their assigned tasks.


The Mojave Desert Ecosystem Program has a long history of partners from federal, state, local and educational. Much of the success the program has achieved is through partnerships supporting various efforts. Below is an overview of current and past partners the program has dealt with over the years:


Regional Organizations

Visit the DMG websiteDesert Managers Group (DMG)

Visit the SNAP websiteSouthern Nevada Agency Partnership (SNAP)

Visit the CVAG websiteCoachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG)**

Visiit the RCHCA websiteRiverside County Habitat Conservation Agency (RCHCA)**

Visiit the RCHCA websiteCalifornia Department of Fish & Wildlife**

Department of Defense Affiliates

Visit the Ft. Irwin websiteFort Irwin - US Army

Visit the Edwards AFB websiteEdwards AFB - US Air Force

Visigt the Nellis AFB websiteNellis AFB - US Air Force

Visit the MCLB Barstow websiteMCLB Barstow - US Marine Corps

Department of the Interior Affiliates

Visit the National Park Service websiteNational Park Service

Visit the Bureau of Land Management websiteBureau of Land Management

Visit the Bureau of Land Management websiteUS Fish and Wildlife Service

Visit the Bureau of Land Management websiteUS Geological Survey


US Geological Survey EROS Data Center

California Historical Resources Information System

China Lake NAS - US Navy

MCAGCC - US Marine Corps

  **Non-Federal website



History & Acknowledgements


The Mojave Desert Ecosystem Program began as a significant effort to compile and integrate a very large body of spatial and temporal information covering approximately 80,000 square miles. It was the first of its kind to organize a detailed, environmentally oriented, digital geographic database set over an entire ecoregion. MDEP emerged as a multi-agency cooperative effort that transcended both administrative and geopolitical boundaries. MDEP was instrumental in providing dynamic, sustainable, land management decision-making at the ecosystem level. Its numerous geospatial databases and partnerships, developed throughout the implementation of the program, provided land managers in the region a platform from which to successfully sustain long-term mission accomplishment in the face of encroachment, funding uncertainties, and deteriorating natural resources.


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